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If you are still wondering whether the Baltic states is a must-see, take a look at the list below – there are 5 main reasons to visit the Baltic states:
  • Experience a unique atmosphere. Wild forest, long coastline with beautiful sandy beaches, medieval towns full of legends, tales and myths. You don´t need to choose between city and nature tours - it’s enough to drive just a few kilometers away from the historical city and you can enjoy spectacular views of the picturesque landscape.
  • Have a taste of the Baltic states. Have you ever tasted mulgikapsad or cepelinai? Can you imagine how it is possible to eat herring with sour cream? If you are interested in our dishes, taste it all and enjoy one of the most exciting cuisine in Europe.
  • Explore UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Baltic region is full of historical sights and very well-preserved areas. Discover medieval Tallinn - a city of monks, knights and merchants; Vilnius – a city of dreaming spires, Riga known as a jewel of Art Nouveau. Fall in love with the Curonian Spit created by nature and rescued by people
  • Come to recharge your batteries and relax in a modern SPA center. It will be a very good idea if you want to take a rest in the Baltic resorts and SPA centers known for their wide range of services, low prices and exceptional quality.
  • Feel the Baltic culture. Interactive museums will provide an effective way of learning the whole region. Visit exciting festivals, historical manors, castles and fortresses.
The Baltic region is small, but very big in culture, traditions and breathtaking views. If you are planning your trip, you can find more information about the interesting places, cities, museums or workshops among our tours. We hope you will find something new and fascinating for your future trip to the Baltic States.