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Trakai tours

Trakai tours and tourism attractions

Trakai is a place like no other. To be in Trakai means to be immersed in medieval history, splendid nature and distinctive culture. Trakai is a lovely town with wooden houses, multicultural traditions, and ancient history. The town has a unique natural landscape: it’s surrounded by more than 200 beautiful lakes linked together with long channels. Trakai is also the town of medieval architecture. The most famous tourist attraction here is a magnificent island castle, which was one of the most impregnable fortresses in Europe. It was built in the 14th century and for a long period was a residence of the Lithuanian Dukes. Another famous medieval castle located on a peninsula and attracts tourists with its impressive ancient history. Trakai is an ethnically diverse town. It’s a home for Karaits who have lived there since the 14th century. Be sure to taste Karait’s food and to visit Karait Ethnographic Museum. Trakai is a romantic place of myth and legends. With breathtaking views, long channels, stunning architecture it’s the favorite place for historical reconstruction, knights’ tournaments, festivals, and concerts. Only 30 kilometers far from Vilnius, Trakai attracts tourists from all over the world. The most comfortable way to visit the city is to take our tour to Trakai from Vilnius. If it’s your first visit to Lithuania, take advantage of the 5-day Vilnius package tour or to discover more about the Baltics in special long-term tours, which include the most significant places in this region.