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Tartu tours

Tartu is one of the oldest cities in Estonia

It has the thousand-year history and admirable cultural heritage. It’s also known as an intellectual and scientific capital of Estonia because its history and development are closely associated with Tartu University. At the same time, Tartu is a city of students with modern, active and vibrant life. The city has a well-developed infrastructure with a great number of hotels, restaurants, pubs, coffee-shops. That’s why tours to Tartu are so popular among people with different interests. The most famous tourist attraction in Tartu is the Town Hall Square which has been known as a city center since the 13th century. It is popular not only because of the ancient history and spectacular architecture but also due to the different events, concerts, exhibitions that take place here. The most well-known symbol of Tartu, a fountain with kissing students, is located on the Town Hall Square as well. Tartu is also a city of museums. You could visit here far more interesting, creative, and innovative museums than anywhere else. A special mention should be made of Tartu Cathedral, also known as a Dorpat Cathedral. It’s one of the most ancient buildings in Estonia which has been preserved since medieval times. In renovated part of the cathedral now is placed the Museum of Tartu University. From the Cathedral Hill, you could enjoy the most picturesque view in the city. There are a lot of interesting details in Tartu which is better to discover with the professional guide. You could take 2 hours walking tour just in Tartu or to book a day-tour from Tallinn. Anyway, you will be inspired by this beautiful and charming city.