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Riga tours

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Visit Riga with Green Tour Baltic

Riga is one of the most fascinating European cities. This magnificent capital of Latvia is well-known among the tourists all over the world therefore Riga tourism has become so popular. Besides nowadays it is very easy to find all the Riga tourist information you need for travelling in Latvia. The city is a very compact, well maintained and charming. Riga attracts tourists with its narrow medieval streets, ancient cathedrals and churches. Travel to riga and discover its spectacular tourist attractions Riga tours will leave a long-lasting impression in the heart of every tourist. Its Central district preserved great complex of old, very old and really ancient buildings, which will never leave anyone indifferent. Travel Riga will open a world of festivals and will impress you with sophisticated delicacy. The capital buzzes with activity and attracts thousands of tourists, quietly makes them fall in love with its vibrant life, causing them to come to Latvia at least once again. The medieval part of Riga, situated on the East Bank of the river Daugava, is number one among a list of the most popular Riga tourist attractions. It is clear that this part of the city is the most captivating in Riga travel. And every travel agency in Riga will advise you walking along the ancient streets fulfilled with fairy atmosphere of antiquity. During the Riga city tour you will have an opportunity to admire the beauty of architectural complex  of The Three Brothers, which reflects time changes in Latvian architectural trends, Dome Square with gorgeous Dome Cathedral, the famous Blackheads house, stunning St. Peter’s and St. John’s churches and etc. Travel to Riga will acquaint you with Riga sacred sites. For example, St. James Cathedral, which is a major Catholic sanctity in Latvia is definitely worth visiting. Just devote only a few days to this extraordinary country and you will fall in love with Latvia!