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Lithuania is a small Baltic country that makes all tourists fall in love with it because of the beautiful baroque architecture, fascinating combination of modern city life and gorgeous nature, a bunch of national parks, vibrant sand dunes, and small cobbled towns. Lithuania tourism is perfect for everyone who loves hospitable people, tasty food, and beautiful nature. So why should you check out some Lithuania tours? The first city to visit is Vilnius, one of the most popular Lithuania tourist attractions. Being one of the largest and prettiest European cities with a remarkable history, Vilnius still features a bunch of fashionable boutiques, modern hotels, and bars, making the nightlife vivid and surprisingly interesting. The city is also considered to be a great contemporary art center. For many people, tourism in Lithuania is associated with breathtaking views. Those tourists should definitely have a look at the beautifully preserved old city from the Upper Castle. Taking a hot air balloon ride will take this trip to the next level. Visiting Klaipeda is one of the vital reasons to travel Lithuania. It’s a beautiful port town full of interesting buildings, magnificent narrow streets, and cool cafes. If you are lucky enough, you’ll visit some of the festivals that are held all year round. Tall Ship regattas and Sea Festivals are some of the most popular. Travel to Lithuania Open any Lithuania travel guide and you’ll see Trakai on the list. It’s a stunning Island Gothic Castle on Lake Galve. Trakai is the place where tourists can relax, explore the unique Gothic castle, try out national dishes, and fall in love with the evening look of a bridge to Lithuania. Your Lithuania travel may include visiting many cities. However, make sure you get acquainted with the beautiful nature of this country. Every travel to Lithuania should include visiting national parks, enjoying active tourism, and spending some time in resort villages. In such case, tourists can understand the country and its culture. Besides, trying out different types of pastime, they fall in love with Lithuania even quicker.