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Latvia is a small European country bordered by Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, and the Baltic Sea. This country attracts tourists because of artistic people, beautiful nature, white-sand beaches, and gorgeous landscapes. Latvia is the country where Nordic calmness mixes with a merry cosmopolitan attitude. Take Latvia tours to check it yourself!  The popularity of Latvia tourism is not just about the beauty of lush pine forests and the majestic look of architecture. The country also attracts many fans of theatrical architecture and design. The capital city Riga is full of beautifully decorated facades with gorgeous nature motives, mythological beasts, and goddesses. Riga is one of the most popular Latvia tourist attractions. Guides will tell tourists a bunch of fascinating historical facts and impressive stories about this town. The city’s architecture and look can also tell a lot about its history. Cobbled lanes, old churches, and beautiful historic buildings preserve the feel of old Riga. However, there are many changes that make Riga modern and interesting for everyone. A bunch of hip cafes, art nouveau architecture, and the influence of the New Nordic movement has a positive effect on the way tourists explore the city. Of course, tourism in Latvia is not just about Riga. There are many day trips from the capital city that allow tourists enjoy relaxing on golden sands. One of the biggest tourist attractions is Jurmala - the coastal city where visitors may find various spa hotels and holiday houses.

Reasons to travel to Latvia

The next reason to travel to Latvia is the possibility to wander around ancient castles, embrace the atmosphere of old fortifications, and explore the almost ruined territories with a guide and several lanterns. You will also love walking through beautiful Latvian forests full of beavers, lynx, and other animals. Wandering around such places as Kemeri  and Gauja National Park, you’ll be safe. Moreover, your Latvia travel will be amazing! Discover Latvia with GreenTour Baltic.