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Klaipėda tours

Klaipeda tours and tourism attractions

Klaipeda is one of the biggest cities of Lithuania and a large European port. Nevertheless, it’s a cozy place with unforgettable medieval atmosphere, delicious food, and hospitable people. Tours to Klaipeda become more and more popular because of the spectacular views and convenient location of the city. The most enjoyable thing to do in Klaipeda is to walk down its cobbled streets and to hear the sounds of your feet… Or not, the most enjoyable thing to do in Klaipeda is to breathe the sea air with a delicious smell of coffee and fresh bakery… Or, maybe, the greatest pleasure here is to admire the charm and the beauty of the Old City architecture. However, someone says that the most worthwhile place to visit is Klaipeda Castle Museum. After all, we couldn’t decide what the best attraction in Klaipeda is. That’s’ why Klaipeda tours include almost all of them. During the tours to Klaipeda, you will visit the most marvelous places here: the Old City; the Theatre Square which is known as the heart of the Klaipeda, the Castle Museum etc. You will find out more about Klaipeda’s ancient history and architecture and see the most picturesque views of the Curonian Lagoon and The Baltic Sea. The city is pretty popular for its awkward sculptures, the most interesting of which you will visit with our professional guides. Klaipeda is romantic and relaxing place rather than bustling and vibrant. And as clichéd as it might sound, Klaipeda is love at first sight.