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Jūrmala tours

Jurmala is a place like no other in Europe

The Baltic in general and Latvia, in particular, are famous not only for its ancient history, beautiful architecture and spirit of old times. It’s also a land of splendid nature and lovely resorts. Jurmala is a resort that stretched along the sea coast for more than 30 kilometers. With white-sand beaches, among the pine tree forests and sand dunes. Due to the unique geographical location, pine tree forests, curative mud and mineral water the city has become a famous tourist destination since the 19th century. Nowadays Jurmala tour is the best way to have a rest from the everyday routine. The main things to do in Jurmala are just to relax, listen to the waves and enjoy the smell of pine trees. The heart of Jurmala is Jomas street, which is the oldest and the most beautiful one. It’s a pedestrian boulevard, surrounded by shops, cozy restaurants, and lovely cafes. Another well-known place in Jurmala is Dzintary Concert Hall, which has an open-air stage and 2000 sits. It’s a popular location for annual concerts, festivals and an interesting place to visit. The city is only 25 kilometers far from the Latvian capital, so it’s convenient to join our tour to Jurmala from Riga. If it is your first visit to the Baltic, the best way to become acquainted with its main attractions is to join our 5-day Riga tour or 7-day Baltic tour.